A desert lily to cool off?

Aloe has become very popular in recent years. The term is particularly associated with the plant species aloe vera and its health-promoting properties.

Aloe vera, also known as real aloe, belongs to the succulents and grows in subtropical and tropical areas. Also known as desert lily, it is cultivated as a useful plant.

The medicinal plant was mentioned in Greek writings as early as 400 years BC and has been documented in Chinese medicine since the 11th century. The plant is enjoying increasing popularity due to its natural healing powers and low care requirements.

The leaves of the aloe contain a gel-like plant sap, which is highly valued in herbal medicine. The leaves are cut off to obtain the draining juice, which has a cooling effect on the skin.

Aloe vera is also often used to treat wounds and after sunburn, as the juice has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. From a medical point of view, aloe vera helps against pimples, abscesses, eczema, neurodermatitis or psoriasis.

In the gastrointestinal tract, the juice has a very beneficial effect on the sanitation of the intestines and healing of inflammation.

We use aloe vera in our shower gel, which is also suitable for sensitive skin. LAVATIO improves the elasticity and promotes self-cleaning of the skin. The aloe vera contained in the vitalising shower gel, combined with Irish moss, Sea buckthorn fruit oil and Wheat proteins, strengthens and regenerates the connective tissue and supplies the skin with important nutrients.

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