Prepare your skin for the sun

Please take care of your skin with the right products even when you are sunbathing. Our effective cosmetics ensure an even tan and a radiant complexion. Our specialist, Juliana Schäfer, will gladly tell you how:

Tip 1:
Before sunbathing for face and body:

Carry out a gentle peeling, dead skin cells and horny scales are removed, the skin can breathe again and becomes soft to the touch! Gently massaging in stimulates the blood circulation, increases cell activity and additionally refines the skin texture. We recommend our EXFOLIANT peeling.

Tip 2:
After sunbathing for the face:

Apply a soothing and moisturizing mask. Our REGENERATIO Skin Repair Mask, repairs and regenerates the skin after the sun, it donates and binds the moisture in the skin. Cell renewal is activated and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Highly effective cell repair and cell protection for an even, fine skin appearance. Our REGENERATIO mask can also be used as an intensive treatment overnight.

Tip 3:
After sunbathing for the face:

Apply a nourishing and moisturising oil serum. Our SOLACIUM oil serum is the perfect after sun product, it soothes sunburn or redness and effectively regenerates the skin. SOLACIUM activates collagen production, firms and gives a smooth, fine pored complexion.

Tip 4:
After sunbathing for the body:

Apply a nourishing, soothing and moisturizing body lotion or cream. Our SERICUM Body Lotion is perfect as after sun care, but also as care before sunbathing. It strengthens and regenerates the connective tissue, improves the elasticity of the skin and has a firming effect.

EXFOLIANT Detox Exfoliator
Face Peeling

REGENERATIO Overnight Repair Mask
Face Mask

SOLACIUM Fine molecular Repair Serum
Face Serum

SERICUM Firming Body Lotion
Gentle Body Lotion