A Marigold works wonders

The marigold, Latin Calendula, is mainly cultivated in Germany and the Netherlands, but also grows as a very uncomplicated plant in other countries. It does not have any particular demands on the location and thrives well in loamy soils.

Calendula is one of the best wound healing herbs. Its dried and crushed flower heads have an anti-inflammatory effect and promote wound healing. The medicinal plant is used in naturopathy and in active cosmetics as an extract or in ointments. It intervenes deeply in the metabolism and regulates the blood circulation of the skin and increases the skin's resilience or elasticity (skin tone).

At ananné we use Calendula in facial cleansing, or more precisely for the mild cleansing gel PURGATIUM. It ensures deep cleansing, which regulates sebum production and simultaneously has a purifying effect. PURGATIUM also removes waterproof make-up from eyes and lips

PURGATIUM Purifying Gel Cleanser
Mild cleansing gel