Harvest at the first frost

Sea buckthorn oil is a real vitamin booster full of minerals. With its high vitamin C content, the fruits of the sea buckthorn are very popular for cosmetics, but also as an additive for fine smoothies. Vitamin A, which is responsible for the orange colour, can protect against solar radiation and reduce the formation of wrinkles.

If you don't have a perennial in your garden yourself, you will find it in barren, gravelly soil. Its light orange fruits shine in autumn, but are only ready for consumption with the first frost. They are good for the skin, because sea buckthorn soothes skin irritations and accelerates wound healing.

We obtain the extremely nutritious sea buckthorn oil from Germany, whose fruits are harvested between September and October and the pulp is then pressed into oil. The flesh is orange to reddish and has an intense sweet-sour taste.

We make use of the many advantages of the cheerfully shining fruit in several of our vegan and certified active cosmetic products:

EQUILIBRIUM RICH Beautifying Cream 24h
Rich face cream for the whole day

CURA OCULI Nourishing Eye Cream & Mask
Nourishing eye cream and mask

REGENERATIO Overnight Repair Mask
Rich regenerating face mask

LAVATIO Reviatlizing Shower Gel
Vitalising shower gel also for sensitive skin

SERICUM Firming Body Lotion
Quickly absorbed and caring body lotion