In dialogue with the skin - Part 1

The skin is the largest organ of the human organism. As a doctor of integrative medicine, I would like to take this into account and have been in close dialogue with the skin for many years.

The skin is not only our largest but also the most "natural" organ, i.e. we take many things for granted without thinking deeply about its function and performance. The skin "simply works". This also plays a role in the care of the skin. Like many apparently obvious things, the skin is often underestimated, almost "overlooked". At around 2 square metres (for a normal-sized adult), it forms its surface and carries a multitude of vital functions in a dense space.

It forms the border of the organism to the outside, is a sensory organ, serves to regulate temperature and is an important link in the immune system. For the trained eye, so much can be read on the skin that one can almost speak of a window to the inside of the organism. As a practicing physician, I also analyse the skin of the face during anamnesis, since emotions (tension) and skin diseases are closely connected with visible physiological and psychological stimuli, especially in the face.
In my series "In dialogue with the skin" I will write about it regularly.

Cordially, Urs Pohlman, MD PhD