Concentrated ginger extract for your skin

The remarkable medicinal plant zingiber, also known as ginger root, has a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin. We at ananné also appreciate the pungent kitchen spice for the skin and use ginger extract in facial cleansing and peeling.

Suitable is the Far Eastern rhizome root, which thrives in tropical and subtropical areas because it supports skin regeneration and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Its effect is also well known and highly valued in traditional Chinese medicine because it stimulates the immune system.

White ginger extract has a toning and vitalising effect. Small skin damages can be repaired thanks to the ginger extract, it strengthens the connective tissue and improves the skin's elasticity. Ginger also protects against free radicals to which our skin is exposed by environmental influences such as UV radiation, stress (e.g. lack of sleep) and air pollution.

The home of the ginger plant is not known for certain. It may have its origin in Sri Lanka or on the Pacific islands. In the 9th century the plant became known in the German-speaking world. We obtain Zingiber from organic and sustainable controlled cultivation. We also use the ginger extract in combination with lemon, kiwi and lotus water instead of pure water. Therefore only a few drops of our products are needed at a time, which are quickly and effectively absorbed by the skin.

You will find ginger extract in our toning facial cleansing line and exfoliator:

LAVANTICUM Nourishing Cleanser & Mask
Cleaning cream

PURGATIUM Purifying Gel Cleanser
Mild cleansing gel

TONICUM Pore Toning Mist
Refreshing face tonic to spray on

EXFOLIANT Detox Exfoliator
Face peeling