Re-launch of the new product family, Swiss, Vegan and Organic.

ananné celebrated the launch event for the new product family on the last summer evening of the season at the beautiful Hotel Signau House & Garden in Zurich. With 70 invited guests and a wonderful programme, musically accompanied by the Swiss singer Lea Lu, the evening was a complete success.

The founder and developer of the vegan premium active cosmetics brand ananné, Urs Pohlman, MD PhD, was interviewed by journalist Tina Biedermann. In his winning manner and cheerfulness, he explained his personal motives for developing ananné.

Even as a boy he was fascinated by medicinal plants and from this grew his desire to become a doctor. The study of plant active ingredients led him to the conviction that the skin - as the largest human organ - reacts strongly to the effects of plants. The idea of his own active ingredient cosmetics was born, based on his research findings. To this day, Urs Pohlman's greatest concern is to combine different active ingredients within the products in such a way that they reinforce each other and thus strongly promote the regeneration of the skin.

ananné is a skincare line based on Mr. Pohlman's philosophy and conviction that it is produced entirely organically and sustainably, it gets by without marketing hype and does not use customer manipulation. The message he sends to his three daughters is correspondingly important to him: It is not about working against age, but for health and inner beauty. Even when using ananné products, you can feel the difference from conventional skin care products: The skin feels freed and nourished. The power of the medicinal herbs is tangible. The positive side-effect: thanks to their powerful effectiveness, lines and wrinkles are reduced in a natural way.

Juliana Schäfer introduced the products to numerous guests at her stand at the event and was able to inspire everyone. The goodie-bags were then gladly received by both men and women alike.

Picture gallery of the event of 23 September 2020