This is even used in the animal kingdom for healing

Don't worry, not everyone knows about madekassoide and its effective benefits in woundhealing. It is an extract of the medicinal plant Centella Asiatica, which is also called Indian water navel or tiger grass.

Tiger grass because, according to legend, tigers in the locations where Centella Asiatica is found, roll on riverbanks.

The medicinal plant has long been known to Ayurvedic medicine. It is used to promote wound healing and to strengthen the immune system. Centella asiatica is one of the most important medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory properties.

On the skin, the medicinal plant normalizes the growth rate of the cells in the epidermis. In this way, it prevents the excessive formation of corneal cells. These can occur, for example, as a result of chronic stress in cases of mild inflammation caused by sunlight. The effect can be seen in the noticeably reduced redness and scaling.

The Indian water navel is a herb which grows with preference in watery and humid locations. We obtain the active ingredient from Brittany, France. There, the extraction process of the active ingredients is carried out optimally and gently.

At ananné we use Centella Asiatica extract in five facial and body care products to alleviate stress effects in the skin and promote immunological balance. The essence promotes vitality, which in turn improves blood circulation, regeneration and slows down skin ageing.

EQUILIBRIUM 24h Beautifying Cream Light
Light and fine face cream for the whole day

CURA OCULI Nourishing Eye Cream & Mask
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Detox face mask for a refined skin texture

REGENERATIO Overnight Repair Mask
Regenerating face mask to activate cell renewal

AMABILIS Organic Hand & Nail Treatment
Nourishing and regenerating hand cream forstressed hands