Rare gold from Morocco - Argan oil

Argan oil, which originates from Morocco, is obtained from the fruit of the argan tree. In Morocco, the unroasted argan oil is traditionally used in the treatment of skin diseases and for the beauty care of skin and hair. The roasted oil is also an exclusive ingredient in the preparation of food.

In the summer months the fruits are traditionally handpicked from the ground. After storage in sacks, the fruit flesh is removed. The hard kernels are then beaten in two with stones. Only the seed flakes are used for oil extraction.

At ananné, argan oil is extracted particularly gently so that the valuable active ingredients are not lost. It comes from organic farming and is cold-pressed. Approximately 30 kilos of fruit are needed to extract one litre of argan oil, which corresponds to the harvest of 4 to 5 trees. It is particularly important to ananné that they know the producers and how to extract this rare and valuable oil in a gentle and environmentally friendly manner.

Argan provides your skin with moisture. Its properties have an anti-inflammatory effect and soothe the skin. You will find argan oil in our high-quality facial essences and oil serums:

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