A nut with 20 advantages

In Africa, where the nut of the butter tree comes from, shea butter is considered a caring and healing miracle cure. Not only scars can be treated with shea butter, but it also helps with neurodermatitis and is used for sunburn and minor burns.

Shea butter is extracted from the shea nut and contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, to mention just a few of its valuable ingredients.

For the production of the vegetable fat, the seeds of collected fruits are freed from the pulp, dried and crushed in various ways. After separating the skin parts, the seeds are then heat-treated and ground into a greasy mass. Finally, water is added to this mass and it is worked by hand in a time-consuming process to separate the fat from all undesirable components. The shea butter thus obtained is almost white. It is used unrefined in active cosmetics.

ananné uses shea butter in a wide range of skin care products because it supports skin regeneration and supplies the skin with moisture and vitamins. It promotes self-cleansing of the skin and activates cell renewal. Another important benefit is the firming of connective tissue and protection with highly effective antioxidants.

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