Dry and cracked hands?

Several times a day I wash my hands with lukewarm water for 20 seconds. Then I disinfect them and make sure that I apply the alcohol-based disinfection also under the fingernails, where the most viruses are found.

When choosing the disinfectant, I also make sure that the formulation of the product used consists of at least 70% propanol or ethanol.
The hands are very stressed by the water and the alcohol the disinfectants contain and urgently need good care. Dry skin tends to show small cracks, which in turn are an ideal entry point for viruses.

Please take a short time after cleaning your hands to cream the stressed skin. Our very quickly absorbed and nourishing hand cream AMABILIS Organic hand & Nail Treatment helps to regenerate and soothe dry and cracked hands. It also nourishes the cuticles and reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation. The tube fits in every handbag.

My warmest greetings to you,
Juliana Schäfer, sales and training

AMABILIS Organic Hand & Nail Treatment
Nourishing and regenerating hand cream for stressed hands