Over 85 active ingredients from all over the world

The ingredients of our skin care products come from all 5 continents (except Antarctica). We use more than 85 purely plant-based and biological active ingredients and are for the most part in direct contact with the manufacturers.

These are extremely rare oils, such as wild almond oil from Persia, argan oil from Morocco, or wild rose seed oil from Chile, to mention just a few of ananné's ingredients.

The plant native to Switzerland, alpine helmet herb, to special algae extracts, such as Alaria esculenta from the Bréhat archipelago in Brittany, round off the diversity. In our skin care line we use fruit water extracts of lemon, kiwi, ginger and lotus and only a minimal amount of water.

The highly effective formulations are based on the longstanding research of the founder, Urs Pohlman, MD PhD, at the Swiss University of Basel and the American Duke University Medical Center, as well as a close network of experts with different expertise. It is his personal concern to do something good for the skin in the long term with his active cosmetics. ananné products are designed to enter into a dialogue with the skin to stimulate and promote its self-generation.

Our products are all developed and manufactured in Switzerland and distributed by a small, environmentally conscious team on Lake Zurich. We guarantee the use of purely vegetable and therefore vegan ingredients from fair trade and, as far as possible, organic cultivation. Often the ingredients come from certified wild collection. The entire skincare line is free of any synthetic substances and microplastics. ananné is strictly against animal testing.

This is also confirmed by the certificates NaTrue, vegan, halal, cruelty-free and vegan, Clean Beauty and zero plastic inside our complete line of active cosmetics.