Rejuvenation cure thanks to pomegranate

The oil is extracted from the most important components of the pomegranate, the seeds, and can thus develop its full effect. Due to its high content of punicic and linoleic acid, which have a soothing effect on itching and sensitive skin, pomegranate seed oil is very rich in nutrients and has an antioxidant effect.

The tree of the pomegranate (in Latin Punica granatum) belongs to the willow family. It can grow to a height of five to eight meters and live for many hundreds of years.
Originally the pomegranate comes from Persia, Armenia and Northern India. But today it is also cultivated in the Mediterranean region.

The leaves of the tree are about ten centimetres large and evergreen. In spring and summer, orange to red flowers can be seen on its branches. The size of a fruit corresponds to that of an apple and is therefore the reason for the pomegranate's name.

We use Pomegranate seed oil in our unique facial serum SOLACIUM Fine Molecular Repair Serum, which supports and intensively regenerates mature and stressed skin. It reduces pigmentation and age spots and activates collagen production. The moisturizing oil serum tightens and gives a smooth, fine pored complexion and reduces lines and wrinkles.

SOLACIUM Fine Molecular Repair Serum
High-quality serum for a smooth and fine-pored complexion