How do I care for my skin naturally?

I am happy to show you in simple steps how to give your skin the attention it needs. Facial care does not depend on age, because the skin needs the same moisture, nutrients and vitamins. Depending on the skin type and vitality of the skin, it needs different amounts. It is important that the products are not only applied on the surface of the skin, but that they are absorbed by the skin and work under the surface. Our facial care line manufactured in Switzerland is NaTrue certified and suitable for all skin types, especially for highly sensitive skin.

How do I proceed with facial care?

First, we cleanse the skin to prepare it for the products that follow. For normal to dry skin I recommend the cleansing cream with sea fennel LAVANTICUM Nourishing Cleanser & Mask. This nourishes, smooths and moisturises the skin. For combination skin with a tendency to oily/greasy skin, the new cleansing gel with marigold extract PURGATIUM Purifying Gel Cleanser is ideal, as it frees the skin from excess sebum and cleanses the skin down to the pores.

To prepare the skin optimally for the face mask, carry out a facial peeling. For this I recommend the EXFOLIANT Detox Exfoliator with bamboo stem extract. This removes dead skin cells, activates cell regeneration, purifies and refines the pores.

Now spray the refreshing toner made from ginger and papaya fruit extract, TONICUM Pore Toning Mist, on the face, neck and décolleté. It soothes, vitalises, tightens and refines the skin texture.

Step 4 SERUM:
Then use the highly concentrated oil serum as an optimal base before the face mask.

In combination with TONICUM Pore Toning Mist, the fine-molecular oil serum can be absorbed even better by the skin and has an even better effect. Both our serums consist of 100% pure oil (no water content), which is quickly absorbed.

NUTRICIUM Glow Lifting Serum with argan oil activates collagen production and tightens the skin. Mimic wrinkles and fine lines appear immediately padded and smooth.

SOLACIUM Fine Molecular Repair Serum made from turpentine pistachio oil reduces subcutaneous deposits and inflammation. ananné facial serums provide intensive regeneration for the skin and reduce pigmentation and age spots.

Step 5 MASK:
Here it depends on your skin needs. For highly effective cell repair and optimal cell protection, I recommend the face mask from Indian water navel, REGENERATIO Overnight Repair Mask. This smooths lines and wrinkles and activates cell renewal.

You will achieve a radiant, clear complexion and a refined skin texture with the new red clay mask, PURGATIO Detox Mask. This mask acts as a natural detoxification, regenerates and smooths the skin at the same time.

For the radiant eye area I recommend an additional eye mask. Apply a thicker layer of the new ananné eye cream made from sea buckthorn fruit oil, CURA OCULI Nourishing Eye Cream & Mask, under the eyes and on the eyelid. Place a damp cotton wool pad soaked in TONICUM Pore Toning Mist on top and allow the two masks to work for 20 minutes.

Step 6: CREAM
Remove the masks with lukewarm water. Then spray on TONICUM Pore Toning Mist again and apply a finishing treatment. Use one of the two face creams with EQUILIBRIUM Light 24h Beautifying Cream rose-hip seed oil or the somewhat richer EQUILIBRIUM Rich 24h Beautifying Cream. In addition, care for your eye area with an eye care product such as CURA OCULI Nourishing Eye Cream & Mask or the face balm with kiwi extract, OCULISSIMUM Firming Eye Balm.

It is important with facial care that you get away from everyday stress and try to switch off 😊

I understand, of course, that you don't always have time to go through the whole care ritual - no problem: cleansing with tonic and subsequent application of the oil serums and face cream takes less time and is also sufficient for daily care.

But treat yourself to a break now and then and treat yourself with ananné.

My warmest greetings to you,
Juliana Schäfer, sales and training

LAVANTICUM Nourishing Cleanser & Mask
Nourishing cleansing cream and face mask

PURGATIUM Purifying Gel Cleanser
Mild cleansing gel also suitable for removing make-up

TONICUM Pore Toning Mist
Refreshing facial tonic to soothe the skin

Oil serums:
NUTRICIUM Glow Lifting Serum
High-quality oil serum for a radiant appearance

SOLACIUM Fine Molecular Repair Serum
High-quality serum for a smooth and fine-pored complexion

EXFOLIANT Detox Exfoliator
Pore-refining and deep cleansing facial peeling

REGENERATIO Overnight Repair Mask
Rich regenerating face mask

Detox face mask for a refined skin texture

Daily routine:
CURA OCULI Nourishing Eye Cream & Mask
Nourishing eye cream and mask

OCULISSIMUM Firming Eye Balm
Firming eye balm for relaxation and regeneration

EQUILIBRIUM Light 24h Beautifying Cream
Light and fine face cream for the whole day

EQUILIBRIUM Rich 24h Beautifying Cream
Rich face cream for the whole day