Urs Pohlman and his visionary work 

As a practicing physician with a special focus on neurology, immunology and holistic medicine, the founder and developer Prof. Dr. med. Urs Pohlman an integrative approach to healing. The skin plays a central role in this. This is because it reflects, like no other organ, energetic disbalances, incorrect nutrition and even hidden diseases.

Urs Pohlman is increasingly observing skin problems that cannot be attributed to classical diseases. The immune system is weakened, bacterial infestation and even fungal diseases occur. In fact, these are often side effects of false cosmetics, which, as in monocultures, one-sidedly highly stimulates the skin. With fatal consequences: At some point the balance of the skin biotope tilts, it becomes unstable, the skin fights back, shows irritation.

In contrast to conventional cosmetics, the physician defines the aging process as the difference between the consumed vitality of a day and the actively used rest break for refueling. "Anti-aging means supporting the body in its own ability to regenerate. Then the organism runs at its optimum."

Urs Pohlman was able to gain the interdisciplinary knowledge about the complex regeneration of the body from constant contact with his patients and the long-standing research at the University of Basel and the American Duke University Medical Center. He incorporated this experience into the development of highly effective formulations.

His company ananné relies on the careful use of resources, employees and trading partners. Urs Pohlman and his team are constantly working to make the world a better place. "We see ourselves on a path of optimization," he says. "Whether it's own energy production, recyclable packaging and fair product chains, we always wonder what an even narrower ecological footprint and an even higher strength retention of all the people involved could have. I love solving problems as a doctor and entrepreneur."