Urs Pohlman and his visionary work


As a practicing physician with a special focus on neurology, immunology and holistic medicine, the founder and developer Prof. Dr. med. Urs Pohlman integrative healing approach. The skin plays a central role in this. Like no other organ, it reflects energetic imbalances, incorrect nutrition and hidden diseases.

Urs Pohlman is increasingly observing skin complaints that cannot be attributed to classic clinical pictures. The immune system is weakened, bacterial infestation and even fungal diseases occur. In fact, these are often side effects of incorrect cosmetics, which stimulates the skin on one side as in monocultures. With fatal consequences: At some point, the balance of the skin biotope tilts, it becomes unstable, the skin defends itself, shows itself irritated.

In contrast to conventional cosmetics, the physician defines the aging process as the difference between the consumed vitality of a day and the actively used rest to refuel. "Anti-aging means that you support the body in its own regenerative capacity. Then the organism runs at its optimum."

The interdisciplinary knowledge about the complex regeneration of the body Urs Pohlman was able to gain from constant contact with his patients and many years of research at the University of Basel and the American Duke University Medical Center. He incorporated this experience into the development of the highly effective formulations.

His company ananné focuses on the careful use of resources, employees and trading partners. Urs Pohlman and his team are constantly working to make the world to a better place to make. "We see ourselves on a path of optimization," he says. "Whether it's our own energy production, recyclable packaging and fair product chains, we always ask ourselves what could have an even narrower ecological footprint and an even higher level of strength for all the people involved. I love solving problems as a doctor and entrepreneur."

ananné Awards 2021

Wellness & Spa Innovation Award

Wellness & Spa Innovation Award

For the ninth time and in five categories, the German Wellness Association awarded the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards. ananné is the winner in the category "Cosmetics & Personal Care".

The jury's reasoning: "ananné has succeeded in a convincing relaunch of its product line. Effective, medically sound cosmetics that are in harmony with nature and without questionable ingredients, certified several times. Turning away from triglycerides, but using short-chain, dry real oils. Reduction of the water content, but use of the plant and amniotic fluid. And last but not least, a contemporary Less is More concept in the product line."


BSB Innovation Award

BSB Innovation Award für PurgatioTwice the Detox Mask PURGATIO was awarded with the European BSB Innovation Award excellent.

The 2003 by Dr. Jan-H. Riedel's Innovation Award for Cosmetics and Chemical Raw Materials aims to impart the latest knowledge worldwide and to reward outstanding achievements.

PURGATIO achieved 2nd place in both the category "Most Innovative Natural Product" and in the category "Most Innovative Packaging".


Global Makeup Award UK

Global Makeup AwardsLAVANTICUM Nourishing Cleanser & Mask was awarded at the Global Makeup Awards UK awarded with silver.


Das Urteil der Jury: „The cleanser even removed waterproof makeup. Skin is left feeling soft, cleansed and luminous after use thanks to its active ingredients of Sea fennel, Red seaweed, Ginger extract and Buckwheat extract. We love how the product is both vegan and cruelty free, and is delicate enough on the skin to use both morning and night."


Free From Skincare Awards

Free from skincare awards

SOLACIUM Fine Molecular Repair Serum is one of the finalists of the Free From Skincare Awards in the category "Facial Oils".

The finalists for the awards were selected by a team of 100 independent testers, all of whom have sensitive or problematic skin or are interested in non-mainstream skin care products. They put all participating products through their paces - each product submission was tested by four testers for one month.


The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Award

The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Award für Oleum Quietis

For the eighth time, the Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards in the UK. The award is considered a reliable, useful guide to cosmetic products that can be used without hesitation during pregnancy and breastfeeding, especially among expectant mothers.

OLEUM QUIETIS Treatment Oil is among the finalists of these awards as it helps to avoid stretch marks.


Global Green Beauty Awards

Global Green Beauty Awards

For only the second time, the Global Green Beauty Awards , which focus on natural and environmentally friendly cosmetic products.

TONICUM Pore Toning Mist was awarded GOLD in the category "Best Plant Based Beauty Product".




Global Green Beauty Awards Finalisten

Although three ananné products did not make it into the top 3 of the Global Green Beauty Awards, they were still in the race until the end and are therefore allowed to carry the finalist award:

  • AMABILIS Organic Hand & Nail Treatment
  • AMICIO Rejuvenating Conditioner & Mask
  • NUTRICIUM Glow Lifting Serum




 Clean Beauty Awards

Clean Beauty Awards für Nutricium

NUTRICIUM is one of the finalists of the Certclean Clean Beauty Awards.
Every year, this Canadian award is presented to the best cosmetic products from all over the world that are produced without harmful substances. The submitted products will be evaluated by a top-class jury, consisting of influencers and advocates of a sustainable philosophy, according to their product performance.



 The Veggie Awards

Veggie Awards für TonicumAfter rigorous testing, TONICUM Facial Spray is shortlisted for the UKVeggie Awards and can now adorn themselves with the finalist badge.

The Tonic was nominated in the category "Cruelty-Free Skincare".




Natural Health Beauty Awards

Natural Health Beauty Awards
In the case of the British Natural Health Beauty Awards ananné is one of the finalists with three products:
  • AMABILIS Organic Hand & Nail Treatment in der Kategorie "Hand Cream"
  • LAVATIO Revitalizing Shower Gel in the category "Shower Gel"
  • SOLACIUM Fine Molecular Repair Serum in der Kategorie "Facial Oil"


AMABILIS and LAVATIO were also awarded "Highly Commended".


During the award ceremony there was an interview with Urs Pohlman:

Pure Beauty Awards

Regeneratio für die Pure Beauty Awards nominiert

REGENERATIO Overnight Repair Mask is for thePure Beauty Awards London 2021 in the category "Best new natural cosmetics facial product".

Which products made it to the top three places will be announced at the award ceremony on 28 October 2021.





Solacium gewinnt den Global Beauty and Wellness AwardThe jury of the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards has awarded 67 winners from across the beauty and wellness industry this year. The world's leading independent award for beauty and wellness goes to SOLACIUM Fine Molecular Repair Serum in the category "Best Sustainable Facial Product".

According to the jury, the award is a recognition of excellence in improving human well-being by creating an industry-leading brand or product without compromising on the principles of sustainability and innovation.