ananné Greek "anannéosis" means "regeneration/renewal/rejuvenation".

Developed as a skin care concept with plant-based active ingredients with a focus on gentle effectiveness. Manufactured in Switzerland. Developed by Dr. med. Urs Pohlman. The brand has received multiple certifications and awards. The spa concept offers cosmeceuticals for amazing treatments.

The ananné rituals integrate a refined understanding of the skin as a center of sensory perception, active ingredient absorption, movement and warmth. Together with the respective spa team, ananné develops unique treatments that combine its scientific approach with local resources. Botanical active ingredients from all continents are combined with the energy of the respective regions to create a unique experience of deep relaxation and regeneration. The spa concepts combine with the particular features of the location and design of the spa and integrate these into ananné's treatment rituals.

The spa is all about relaxation, warmth, touch, water and cleansing: These elements combine to create an experience in which tranquillity and stimulation complement each other harmoniously. Deep treatments unleash processes to bring the vegetative nervous system into a state of soothing relaxation and at the same time revitalize the entire organism. The founder of ananné, Dr. Urs Pohlman, integrates deep insights from sensory physiology and integrative medicine into the spa rituals.

As a result, ananné offers a variety of special massages that respond precisely to particular physical conditions. Be it direct touches or warming stone massages, peelings with amber, brush massages with algae fibers: the elementary techniques become special experiences through refinement. With fine oil compositions, which are specially adapted to the treatment goals with additional essences of medicinal plants, the massages can develop specific effects.

The cosmeceuticals developed specifically for spa treatments are available to the spa teams for skin treatments. Facial and body treatments are integrated into rituals tailored precisely to the needs of the guests. Innovative scientific findings, outstanding preparation of skin care products and the ingenuity of natural substances combine to create highly developed know-how. The unique quality of ananné products means combining these complementary dimensions in respect of the skin's natural balance to create harmonious and synergetic skin care.

The immediate effect is noticeable, the skin feels soft and revitalized. The dermato-cosmetic concept responds specifically to the skin's needs, goes deep and has a long-term effect. Light, quickly absorbed textures in fine fragrances give the skin a healthy sense of well-being.