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conditioner and hair treatment

✓ Conditioner, hair treatment and styling cream in one

✓ soothes the scalp

✓ without silicones

This is how the conditioner and hair treatment works

The conditioner is a real jack of all trades. As a conditioner after shampooing, it nourishes the hair and makes it easier to comb. With a longer exposure time, it becomes a nourishing and regenerating hair treatment. As a styling cream, it shapes the hair and prevents electrically charged, flyaway hair. Its care formula also makes it a heat protection cream when using a hair dryer or straightening iron.

The one contained in the conditioner Brazilian nut ale cares for the hair and gives it smoothness. As a result, the hair is soft and feels wonderfully silky. In addition, it protects the hair from oxidative stress, prevents hair breakage and provides a beautiful shine. It also has a calming effect on dry, irritated and flaky scalps.

Lecithin provides the hair with moisture and rebuilds the natural protective coat after shampooing. Its moisturizing effect also prevents the hair from drying out without weighing it down. Hair and scalp are regenerated and cared for right down to the tips.

The conditioner cares for the hair and scalp after each hair wash and also in between when the hair is dry. The product is without silicones and sulfates and is easily biodegradable. 

Who is the conditioner suitable for?

The mild conditioner is for all Hair types suitable. Due to its nourishing formula, it is particularly recommended for dry scalp.

What should be considered when switching from conventional hair care to natural hair care?

The hair needs at least six weeks to switch to natural hair care. This is due to the layer of silicone that has formed around the hair during the use of conventional shampoos. This must first grow out before the natural ingredients can develop their care effect. In the transitional period, hair may feel drier and duller. During this time, the use of a conditioner is strongly recommended.

With which products can AMICIO combine?

Shampoo and conditioner always form a unit. With a shampoo, the focus is on the cleaning function through washing-active substances, while the conditioner provides nutrients and care. The ideal addition to Conditioner AMICIO is the mild shampoo CLARITAS.

Product Information:

Quantity: 200 ml / 6.8 fl. oz.

Product information


Depending on hair length, apply about a walnut-sized amount to damp hair (washed with CLARITAS shampoo) and gently massage into hair and scalp. For even distribution, it is recommended to use a very coarse-toothed comb. After a short exposure time of 2 - 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. For a more intensive care effect, the exposure time should be 20 minutes.

Used as a mask, the conditioner also works on dry, unwashed hair. For example, it can be left in the hair overnight. In the morning, then shampoo the hair with CLARITAS, rinse and use AMICIO as usual as a conditioner to finish shampooing.

The conditioner is also suitable as a styling cream. For this purpose, depending on the hair length, knead an approximately pea-sized amount into damp hair.


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