Presseartikel zu ananné (c) Niloo/


Here you can find some excerpts from press reports about ananné, from interviews to product presentations.

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ananné Bitterstoffe: Die Haut mag es bitter

The skin likes it bitter

Our body has bitter substance receptors not only on the tongue. The skin is also equipped with it. And just as the herbal bitter is supposed to sti...

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ananné Das Geheimnis von ananné

The secret of ananné

Learn more about the working principle of anannéand the challenge of combining ingredients in such a way that they offer the greatest possible bene...

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Im Dialog mit der Haut

In dialogue with the skin

Prof. Dr. med. Urs Pohlman, the founder and developer of the anannéActive ingredient cosmetics, it is important to do something good for the skin i...

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